About Genderfreak

Genderfreak opens with Rachel, 16, bleaching her mustache. At school, Amanda and Michelle, her lesbian friends, tell Rachel about the “backwards” dance where the girls ask the guys happening that Friday. Rachel wants to ask the popular guy, Pete; Amanda and Michelle tell her he is not a nice guy.

On their way to class, Rachel bumps into a new kid, Sammy, who offends Rachel by making a comment about her bleached mustache. Rachel and her friends learn that Sammy is genderqueer, meaning Sammy doesn’t identify as either he or she. Amanda befriends Sammy, who likes Rachel and wants to be in her band, but Rachel is still put off.

Rachel makes repeated failed attempts to ask Pete out; once she finally does, she realizes her friends are right and he really isn’t that great. Rachel accepts Sammy into her band and they play the dance, where Rachel defends her friends against homophobic insults from the audience in front of the entire school.

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